Welcome to
   LJ adventure travel


First of all thank you for taking a look at our motorcycle offers. Especially members of the US-Forces stationed here in Germany are well come.
You have seen Germany? Take a ride with us and you'll get to know it better.
OK, so you know Germany but the other European countries, what about them?
Have you already e.g. cruised the highest rideable mountain passage in 9000feet? We'll take you there, promised.
We first intended this web page for for all those, who love to ride their motorcycle, however have no pleasure to ride alone. In particular we would like address all those, who ...

   ... would like to ride the alpes and need a tour-guide,
   ... just got their drivers licence and have a practice gap,
   ... like to reenter the bikers scene and need some practice tipps,
   ... just know their 'back yard' and nothing else,
   ... like to be guided and surprised and last those who,
   ... just want to ride.
Now we also offer our tours to interested military personnel and their families. It surely is not easy to advertise tours next to our regular jobs. But we do our best in order to satisfy YOU, our customer, and perhaps to make our hobby our profession.

In order to indulge your sport / hobby, we offer you many opportunities, such as:
 one day trips,
 weekend trips,
 one or two week excursions,
 special lessons for beginners and those reentering biking
 elaborating routes and GPS-data